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Heidi Brown


[Online Event] Greater Toronto-Hamilton Area Feeling like you'll never afford a home?

Learn how you CAN buy a home in Canada

Wednesday September 20th @ 7:00PM

2023/09/20 19:00 EDT

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About the Webinar

Join us for a webinar on "Buying your First Home in Canada". If you're a first-time home buyer or new to Canada this is an event you won't want to miss. Our panel of experts will be discussing everything you need to know about purchasing your first home in Canada, including government incentives available to first-time buyers, credit and income requirements, and more.

During this informative webinar, you'll learn about the various programs available to help you purchase your first home, such as the Home Buyers' Plan and the First-Time Home Buyer Incentive. Our experts will also provide guidance on how to determine your eligibility for these programs, as well as share insights on the credit and income requirements necessary to secure a mortgage.

Whether you're just starting to explore the idea of buying your first home, or you're ready to take the next steps, this webinar is a valuable resource to help you navigate the process. We encourage you to register today and share this event with your friends and family who may also be interested in buying their first home.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain the knowledge and confidence you need to make your dream of homeownership a reality.

About the Speakers

Learn from real estate expert Mortgage Agent and Realtor ® who have helped thousands of first time home buyers in buying their first home. With decades of experience in mortgage lending, and investing, they will share their experience and innovative methods in this free live webinar.

Thousands of First Time Home Buyers have used these techniques in buying their first home. Let us show you how.

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Heidi Brown


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Joe Giannola

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Buying your first home is easier than you think!

Learn the three key ingredients needed to buy a home and creative ways to get your foot in the door of your first home - join us at the live webinar on Wednesday September 20th @ 7:00PM

Heidi Brown